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Great Falls, MT Grill 2 Go- camp stove- hardly used $40.00
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The developement of our new Findit 2.0 Upgrade and mobile friendly interface has started in 2017. You can see the new 2.0 interface in progress here ,mess in progress, at Findit Classifieds 2.0 Alpha as well as our new mobile interface at www.finditclassifieds.com/mobile. Since this is a labor of love, there is no ETA on completion but you will see frequent and periodic changes with more focus on the Garage Sales section first. Always one eye on the

Early in our founding, I redefined our misision in to helping people participate in classified style advertising online while looking for threats to their financial and personal safety by better identifying threats you may encounter online. Many years ago now, I was contacted by a victim of an overpayment scheme. That sad story mad me angry and and it drove my development and focus in to how important it is to have tools to help you navigate this seemlingly endless sea of online predators. Much of what makes FinditClassifieds.com different or "safer" is more about what's under the hood and in my head. I'm out here looking out for you!

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